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Here at AVD we strive to make things easy and clear to understand.


Please find below our frequently asked questions.

Please contact Kirra if you need more information.


Q: Can I sit in and watch classes?

A: No, However all new parents are more than welcome to sit in on the first couple of lessons while their child/ren are settling in to class. Although we are a rec school learning at AVD is important to have focused students in the studio. Having extra bodies and eyes watching isn't always the best solution. That's why at AVD we have no parents watching in the studio.

In Terms 1,2,3 we have a slot at the end of each lesson where you are more than welcome to come in and watch what your child/ren have been learning so far.

Q: Is there a compulsory uniform at AVD?

A: At AVD we do have various affordable uniform pieces you can purchase. However if this is not in your budget we encourage plain black bike shorts, leggings, crops, t-shirts etc.

Q: Do I need to pay a registration fee?

A: No, no extra or hidden costs at AVD.

Q: Do I need to sew?

A: Absolutely not! All costumes are handed to you in Term 4 in a labelled costume bag, complete with tights, hair accessories etc.

Q: Does my child have to participate in the End of Year Concert?

A: Yes, we encourage all children to participate in the End of Year Concert held at Golden Grove Arts Centre every November.

Q: Do we have to attend extra concert rehearsals?

A: At AVD we understand all families are very busy, that's why we only have 1 extra rehearsal for the concert, usually held on the Sunday 2 weeks before the performance date. The children will get to practise on the stage at Golden Grove and we also take professional photos in their costumes.

Q: How many costumes do I need to purchase & how much are they?

A: Each genre will require a costume (eg: jazz, ballet, tap etc) please budget $80- $90 per costume they are bought in USD and prices will fluctuate time to time.

Q: Does my child need to attend class regularly? 

A: It is essential that classes are attended consistently. If students frequently miss classes, it is difficult for them to catch up on what they may have missed and it is also difficult for other students to work around those who are missing. Dancing is a team sport like any other.

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